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EURUSD bear bias for 1.2402/01 today and through 1.2359/58 next week

We stated in our last report to our clients that "we still see bias for a roll back lower to the range and for a renewal of bearish extension pressures late this week, looking again for a cap at the down trend line from ...

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USDCAD bear bias for 1.1223 and test the key neckline, currently at 1.1180

A dip back lower into the range as expected on Tuesday as we repeat our stated view to our clients that "we still see a negative range theme into late November whilst cap...

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GBPUSD bear bias for 1.5627 today; down to 1.5340 through month-end

A modest bounce effort Monday, but still very much defined by a sideways consolidation theme since mid-November, with recovery failures from modest 1.5725 and 1.5737/38 b...