iFOREX is an online trading brokerage that stands out because of its long, reputable history in the business (dating back to 1996), but also in terms of the power of its proprietary platform, which is kitted out to empower both initiated and newer traders for trading CFDs on the world’s financial markets. When iFOREX was founded, online trading was much less developed than it is now, and it set its goal of creating a trading platform that would maximize the user experience in every possible way. One of the iFOREX trademarks is the generous range of trading instruments it offers its users. This ensures traders enjoy the freedom to trade with the instruments they are familiar with, in their own time, to expand their repertoires to other markets too. Here is a brief overview of iFOREX’s extensive list of over 750 financial instruments.

Company Shares

At iFOREX, you can choose from a huge selection of shares spanning many industries and sectors such as Apple, Samsung, Volkswagen, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Amazon, even fast-food chains like McDonald’s. Trading on share price movements is a question of keeping up to date with financial events (like interest rate hikes), consumer trends (like risk aversion), and company earnings reports. Take, for example, the dramatic 20% drop in share prices experienced by Netflix in January 2022. The trigger for this was a disappointing company report on subscriber growth, but there was also a more inhibited trend in consumer spending going on, and the impact of market competitors like Disney also made a difference.

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Some of the commodities you can trade on the iFOREX platform include oil, natural gas, gold, wheat, gasoline, and corn. The price movements of each commodity are driven by unique supply-and-demand dynamics. Looking at gold, for instance: A weak US dollar often means gold prices will go up, but this is not an ironclad rule. Inflation, interest rates and central bank monetary policy also influence gold prices in various combinations. When trading commodities as CFDs, it’s important to stay abreast of historical price patterns as well as current news, such as economic summits and geopolitical conflicts, in order to make informed trading decisions.


At iFOREX, you can trade on the volatility of crypto prices, whether you’re expecting them to drop or rise. In May of this year, Bitcoin and Ethereum went through big price slides, and, indeed, it has not been uncommon for cryptocurrencies to lose 10% of their value in a single day, or even more in fairly short time periods. CFD traders on crypto prices stay tuned to a wide range of factors, including the US Federal Reserve policy, because when interest rates have been hiked (or have been expected to hike) in 2022, cryptos have been impacted. Also, more recently, we’ve learned geopolitical conflict, like what’s occurring in Ukraine, can affect the price of digital currencies. To know when to expect an uptrend, you’ll need to consult some good analysis and market news, which you can find at https://www.iforex.in/.

Currency Pairs

Studying currency pairs is a discipline in its own right because the factors that drive them are varied and complex. The way iFOREX traders engage in the forex market is through opening ‘buy’ deals (if they expect the value of the pair to rise) or ‘sell’ deals (when the expectation is the pair will fall). The pair itself measures one national currency against another. As an example, take EUR/USD, which pits the euro against the US dollar and expresses the relationship as the equivalent in dollars of a single euro. If EUR/USD is holding at 1.1511, it means you’ll need to pay $1.1511 to buy one euro. On the iFOREX platform, you’ll find a rich variety of currency pairs like USD/HUF, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD, plus invaluable analysis tools to help you navigate potential trading opportunities.

Market Indices

These instruments mirror the performance of a chosen segment of the market. Some of the popular ones are the S&P 500 (US 500), Dow Jones Industrial Average (US 30), Hang Seng (Hong Kong 50), German DAX (Germany 40), and the FTSE 100 (UK 100). In addition to offering traders the chance to diversify their portfolios, certain market indices can also communicate the relative health of a nation’s economy, helping traders to get an even clearer vision of potential opportunities and risks.


An ETF is a ‘basket’ of assets that tracks the performance of underlying indices, such as the S&P 500, (Vanguard S&P 500 ETF), as well as a particular sector like health, technology or robotics – even the growing cannabis industry. This allows traders who believe that certain sectors are poised for growth (or a downturn) to take advantage of expected share price movements in the sector as a whole. The effect of share price volatility will be different when you’re talking about a single company or, as in the case of ETFs, potentially hundreds of companies. Some of the items on the long list of ETFs at iFOREX are Germany 40 Fund, US Energy, Crude Oil Fund, Metaverse, and US 100 Long.

Wrapping Up

CFD traders like to be able to act on their market research quickly and effectively, so they appreciate having such a wide range of financial instruments in the palms of their hands. Experienced traders know, however, that funnelling your funds into a variety of instruments is best done with careful study and deliberation rather than haphazardly.