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AUDUSD Bearish Shift Aims for .9258, .9230 and key .9208/00 area

AUDUSD tops for bear bias We stated in our last report that “we see a defensive bias, with risk through midweek lower for .9360, .9330 and maybe through .9322”. Having setback from the range resistance area at .9420/...

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USDJPY Growing Threat of Test to Key 102.22/28/36 Barriers

USDJPY positive range theme aims higher; risk of shift to more bullish tone We have stated in client reports this week that “within the range, the risk is skewed higher...

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The glorification of the greenback could happen this week

The world of forex is once again in slow motion leading up to the first Friday of the new month, a Judgment Day of sorts. No, Armageddon is not in the near term, and the ...

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