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Is an August whiplash effect in the cards for the Euro, as in 2013?

Is this the calm before the storm? Do you sense that the Starter is holding his pistol high in the air, preparing to give the shot heard round the world, which is the signal to rush for the exits after shorting everythin...

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AUDUSD Negative Range Theme Whilst Below .9410/15

AUDUSD downside bias through for .9330 and key .9322 A roll back lower to the range and we restate the view that “the threat is back to .9330 and growing risk for a br...

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Weekly Forex Market Forecast (July 21st - July 25th 2014)

Key Fundamental Forex Events and Forecasts for the Coming Week The following table lists the key economic data and other events that are due out during the week of July 2...