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USDCAD Threat of a More Bearish Shift through Neckline, now 1.1125

USDCAD defensive range tone, but risk of a bear swing We have retained a negative outlook into this week and stated in our last report that “for Tuesday, we again see a cap at 1.1296/98, likely 1.1265/70 and a negative...

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Volatility has reappeared in October, but is its return just a passing fad?

The moaning and groaning has stopped in financial markets, at least those cries of anguish caused by a total lack of volatility over the summer months. Volatility has ret...

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EURUSD Bias for Roll Lower from 1.2740 for 1.2665, maybe 1.2614/05

EURUSD defensive range tone Despite a modest bounce effort from supports at 1.2605 and more notable 1.2583, we still see a broader range theme into late October, defined ...