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AUDUSD Bias for Roll Back to .9010/05, Maybe Key .8980 Retrace Support

AUDUSD bearish extension threat An unexpected and far better recovery effort Tuesday, to probe above our .9110 level, but whilst below .9143/45 and better resistance at .9218/19, we see bias for a roll back to the bounce...

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USDJPY Bias is Still Higher, for 108.00, 108.35 and 108.65

USDJPY bullish extension threat An inside pattern dip, but holding above minor support at 107.05/00, with better foundations seen at 106.67/65 and 1.0605. The previous su...

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EURUSD Capped by 1.2995; Bear Bias to 1.2785/65/45 Support Cluster

EURUSD bearish extension threat A modest pop higher Friday through minor resistance, 1.2965, but still contained below 1.2995 still hesitant in the very near term to exte...