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Weekly Forex Market Followup (July 28th - August 1st 2014)

Key Fundamental Forex Events for the Week of July 28th through August 1st The following table lists the key economic data and other events that came out during the week of July 28th through August 1st, with release times...

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July demonstrates that Forex can be very profitable, even with low volatility

If you believe everything that you read from today’s investment pundits, this summer has been terrible for anyone trying to make a profit from trading markets, no matte...

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Loonie Continues to Weaken: $USDCAD targets 1.0960, 1.1005 and 1.1055

USDCAD bullish tone A rally and stall Thursday, but as we stated in our last report to our clients “corrective setbacks should look to hold above 1.0845, with a better ...