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EURUSD Bearish Extension Bias through 1.2500 for 1.2460

EURUSD bear trend resumption threat We stressed in our last report to clients that “the midweek plunge post-FOMC has eroded 1.2614/05 supports and aims for the lower end of the range at chart and retrace support at 1.2...

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GBPUSD Bearish Extension Bias through 1.5875 for 1.5854

GBPUSD bear trend resumption threat We have stressed in our recent reports to clients that “the previous roll back from the 1.6186 level ahead of the solid barrier at 1...

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Can you hear Yul Brynner singing that the Euro “is a puzzlement!”

For many babyboomers, one of their earliest movie recollections was of Yul Brynner playing the part of the King of Siam in the “The King and I”. He was a Russian-born...