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CFD Global Review

CFD Global is one of the Cyprus-based, CySEC-regulated brokerages which have whipped their operations into shape in theĀ  post binary options-era. The brokerage features Forex and CFDs, with good trading conditions – and yes, that includes cryptocurrencies as well. The operation offers a web trader as well as MT5 – the latest iteration of the world’s best and most popular online trading platform.

The corporate entity behind CFD Global is Key Way Investments Ltd, based at 2 Sofouli Street, Chanteclair Building, 6th Floor, Office 602, Nicosia, Cyprus. As said above, the operation is licensed by CySEC. Its license number is 292/16. In addition to being registered with and licensed by CySEC, CFD Global is also registered with a number of national regulatory bodies, among them the UK’s FCA, Poland’s KNF and Germany’s BaFIN. Long story short, being MiFID compliant, the brokerage can operate all over the EEA (European Economic Area).

Being considered a Cyprus Investment Firm, Key Way Investments Ltd offers its users membership in the Investor Compensation Fund, which essentially means that if the brokerage goes under for whatever reason, the ICF will compensate those who have funds invested with the operation. The brokerage has made a whole suite of downloadable documents available to users at its site, so every detail of this scheme can be explored and studied.

The brokerage promises its clients the best available execution and to this end, it has worked out a set of rules, which are also published at the website. Long story short: these documents may seem excessive and boring even, but it is recommended that you – a prospective client of the brokerage – read them all, so you understand exactly what you’re dealing with here. In this regard, special attention should be paid to the Risk Disclosure Statement, which details all the risks associated with the trading activity.

CFD Global’s Trading Products

Forex is obviously the main product category featured by CFD Global. The brokerage’s take on the world’s most liquid market features 55 currency pairs, from majors to minors and all the way down to exotics. The trading action is on 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (with the obvious exception of the weekends), there are no commissions and the spreads are said to be extremely tight. The maximum available leverage on Forex pairs is 300:1.

The commodities section is mostly about precious metals, such as Gold and Silver. The trading conditions are outstanding on this asset class as well. The margin requirements are low and the maximum available leverage is 200:1 – slightly less generous than with Forex, though this means traders’ exposure to risk is somewhat limited as well.

The indices section gives traders access to more than 26 global indices, covering most of the global economy. The spreads and the margin requirements are tight on this asset-class as well. The leverage is only 200:1 on indices too.

The stocks section is wildly diverse. More than 2,000 underlying assets are available in this category, covering 20 major markets. The maximum available leverage in this category is 10:1.

Bonds come with attractive premiums and the selection featured by CFD Global covers the US, Japan as well as Europe. The maximum available leverage in this instance is 100:1.

The cryptocurrency selection is perhaps the most interesting to those involved in this vertical. The brokerage supports a surprisingly wide range of currencies, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and wrapping up with Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. Several pairings are offered on all these currencies, covering the USD as well as the EUR.

The maximum leverage on these products is the smallest at the brokerage, and the trading conditions are somewhat adverse too, by comparison with the above-mentioned asset categories. All that is understandable though: the extreme volatility of these underlying assets adds quite a bit of risk to the equation, for the broker too. What traders need to understand about crypto (and the other CFD-based assets offered by the broker) is that they will never be able to purchase and to possess such assets at the site. What they will be trading is the difference between the entry and exit prices of the contracts: a financial derivative, and not the actual asset.

CFD Global Trading Platforms

In this regard, the diversity of the CFD Global offer is not particularly impressive: only two platforms are featured, though they do cover all the desktop and mobile devices users may bring to bear.

Advertised as all-in-one trading technology, MT5 is indeed the most complete trading solution currently available. It can be downloaded directly from the CFD Global website, free of charge. Installation only takes a few seconds too.

The trading interface featured by MT5 is indeed highly intuitive, offering multiple windows and asset-control panels for the proper monitoring of one’s entire trading activity. In addition to that, the platform is also highly customizable. Traders are free to create and to save their chart templates for later use.

Some 30 indicators are already built into the platform, and more than 2,000 additional ones can be added. These indicators are custom ones and they are indeed available for free.

The automation capabilities of the MT5 platform are second to none. Trading signals can be applied, EAs can be coded and used, tick charts can be embedded, and alerts can be set up on trading positions.

In addition to Windows computers, MT5 works on Android and iOS-based mobile devices too.

The CFD Global Web Trader is designed to allow traders to access the markets from anywhere, at any time. The Web Trader is certainly not short on trading tools such as indicators. In fact, it features some 90 such indicators, which can all be configured by the user. Some 3 chart-types are available, among them candlesticks, and live, on-platform market news are delivered for that all-important fundamental analysis.

Needless to say, the Web Trader is compatible with all the major browsers out there, whether run from a Windows Desktop, or an Android- or iOS mobile device.

CFD Global Platform

CFD Global Accounts

In addition to allowing its users to perform a “Trading Experience Test”, CFD Global also features a Demo Account. Now then, some of the questions that are asked of users upon the opening of such an account are beyond every imaginable limit privacy-wise, and we’re not at all sure whether they are indeed necessary. The Demo account is available for both supported platforms.

The CFD Global Essential account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. For that money, traders gain access to the whole trading package, with the exception of full-time support and trading analysis.

CFD Global Original ups the stakes to $5,000 minimum deposit-wise. Event analysis and trading alerts are included in this package, in addition to everything the Essential account delivers.

CFD Global Signature is for high-volume traders, who can afford to make a deposit of at least $25,000. This account obviously delivers all the perks one could possibly need, including round-the-clock support.


CFD Global offers good trading platforms, an outstanding product selection and a decent regulatory profile. A CySEC license may not be the most prestigious in the business, but it does attest to the broker’s MiFID compliance.

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Please be advised that certain products and/or multiplier levels may not be available for traders from EEA countries due to legal restrictions.

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