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Live and Historical NZD/CHF Rates

This chart shows the value of the New Zealand dollar (NZD) against the value of the Swiss franc (CHF) – that is how many CHF will purchase one New Zealand dollar. The Swiss franc is a major currency, but the New Zealand dollar is not. NZD/CHF forms neither a major pair nor a commodity pair.
2 years historical rate data NZDCHF currency exchange

NZDCHF Analysis

This pair is interesting because of the strong contrast between the two currencies. Of course, there is a strong geographic separation between the nations, but the focus industries in the two economies also contributes to the contrast. The kiwi dollar is also much less stable than the franc. Because of solid stability in CHF, the best opportunities usually arise from agricultural prices. When the kiwi dollar inflated rapidly in the early 2000s, this was also an excellent pair for carry trades, and other similar opportunities may arise in the future. Of course, any adjustments in the Australian, American or Eurozone economies will also have a strong influence.

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    The New Zealand Dollar

    The New Zealand dollar is also known as the “kiwi” or the “kiwi dollar.” The kiwi was introduced to the world market in 1967, and at that time NZD was pegged to USD. It was in 1985 that NZD followed the trend started by the United States in the ’70’s to float. However, NZD is still very heavenly influenced by international currency trading and other world economies. Unlike other currencies that have micro-denominations as low as 1, the smallest NZD coin available has a value of 10 cents. Major New Zealand exports include food processing and agriculture, and New Zealand’s primary trade partners are the United States and Australia.

    The Swiss Franc

    Switzerland has one of the strongest economies in the world. With huge stores of gold on hand, it would follow that the Swiss franc is one of the most dependable currencies in the world. The Swiss franc is sought after as a reserve currency because of its strength as well as its stability. The Swiss franc’s stability is attributed to both the low unemployment rates and low national deficit in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Swiss National Bank is the governing body of the Swiss franc though they maintain limited control over the Swiss franc’s value. Major Swiss franc sectors are tourism, agriculture and banking.

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