USDPLN Forex Chart

Live and Historical USD/PLN Rates

This chart shows the value of the United States dollar against the Polish zloty – how many Polish zlotys it takes to buy one US dollar. USD is a major currency on the world market, while PLN is not. USD/PLN does not form a major pair or a commodity pair.

The U.S. Dollar

The United States dollar is a powerhouse among international currencies. It is the national currency for seven countries other than the United States including Panama, Ecuador, and El Salvador. Twenty-three other countries’ currencies are pegged to US dollar and follow its financial temperature. Thought it is a floating currency, the US dollar is strictly regulated by the Federal Reserve. The Fed adjusts lending interest rates to effect the needed changes in US dollar value. US dollar has such penetration in global currency markets, some commodities only trade in US dollars. Among some of these are petroleum and gold.

The Polish Zloty

The Polish zloty has been introduced and reintroduced four times in its history, but the original zloty goes back as far as the fourteenth century. The Polish word zloty means “golden.” Currently, economic growth has been solid in Poland. Major industries include machinery, manufacturing, and raw materials such as iron and coal. Poland primarily trades with Germany. The Polish government keeps a very close watch on inflation and this has also aided the Polish zloty’s stability. However, the zloty will not last forever with the rise of the euro. It will not be long before the shift to the Euro is complete.

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USDPLN Analysis

As would be expected, this pair reflects the EUR/USD pairing because of Poland’s close relationship with the EU. However, Poland is a developing economy and profit differentials sometimes arise from problems in that growth. Traders should keep a careful eye on the economic data about Poland’s annual growth. Since its liberation, Poland has grown quickly, but problems of corruption and political inefficiency still remain. Another major issue in the pair is Poland’s progress towards using the euro. Any political disruptions in the process have an obvious influence on the pair. Finally, any announcements from the US Fed are also quite influential on the pair.

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