Live and Historical CAD/CHF Rates

The associated chart reflects the value of the Canadian dollar (CAD) against the Swiss franc (CHF)-how many francs can purchase one dollar. The CHF/CAD pairing is not a commodities pair or a major pair. While CAD is not a major currency, CHF is a major currency carrying significant buying power and large volume.

The Canadian Dollar

CAD was introduced in 1871, ending decades of disputes and finally unifying Canadian currency. It is the seventh most traded currency in the world. The Canadian dollar has floated since 1970, and the Bank of Canada (which maintains control of CAD) has remained relatively passive since 1988. Canada, the tenth largest economy in the world, depends on oil as one its major exports. CAD is considered a benchmark currency. Even though Canada is still under the governing power of Great Britain, it is more closely associated with its neighbor to the south, the United States-Canada’s major import and export partner.

The Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc is the currency for both Switzerland and Lichtenstein. CHF is under the control of the Swiss Bank but with very little intervention. Very large holdings of gold give Switzerland one of the strongest economies in the world. Despite the introduction of the euro to the world market, Switzerland has resisted changing from CHF, and there is very little to indicate that a change is on the horizon because CHF is so strong. However, despite its strength and high value, CHF only accounts for one percent of total currency exchange. In addition, it is only the seventh most common reserve currency.

CADCHF Analysis

Canada and Switzerland depend on very different industries and are influenced by very distinct factors as a result. In addition, Canada is very economically dependant on the US, while Switzerland is heavily influenced by the EU. Therefore, it is impossible to profitably trade CAD/CHF without also watching EUR/USD. Because of the stability and low interest rates in CHF, it is sometimes possible to use as a carry currency. However, the most influential factor (besides the status of the US and the EU) is the price of energy commodities, which deeply influence CAD.

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