Live and Historical AUD/CHF Rates

This chart represents the value of the Australian dollar (AUD) against the Swiss Franc (CHF). Both currencies are majors (though not especially large by any means). Because of relatively low trade between the two countries, the pair are not considered a major. The Australian dollar is a commodity currency, while the Swiss Franc is more involved with finance.

The Australian Dollar

When the Australian dollar was introduced in 1966 as a new decimal currency, it was pegged to the British pound until 1971. Since becoming a floating currency, it has become one out of the top ten currencies in popularity for most traders, constituting 3.3% of exchange. This is because Australia fills a crucial role for diversification. The primary exports in Australia (minerals and agriculture) make it a strong commodity currency. As one of the few developed economies in the East, the Australian dollar also provides a crucial window into Asian economies. All of this means that AUD is strongly influenced by changes in the commodity markets.

The Swiss Franc

The Swiss Franc is the currency for one of the strongest world economies. It is used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Because of the success and strength of the currency, Switzerland has resisted changing to the Euro, and there is no reason to expect any change in the future. Since most EU member nations switched to the Euro, the Franc has been strongly influenced by the Euro. In spite of its high value, the Franc accounts for only 1% of exchange. The primary sectors in the Swiss economy are industry, tourism, and banking.

AUDCHF Analysis

AUD/CHF is a very interesting pair because of the high contrast between the two economies. As a commodity currency, AUD tends to fluctuate widely with commodity cycles and with any major changes in prices. On the other hand, CHF is one of the most stable currencies. The two economies also operate in separate geographic sectors with little direct trade between the two countries. This offers good opportunities to profit from wide fluctuations in AUD or safety in the stability of CHF. This also makes the pair a good potential candidate for carry trades.

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