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EURUSD Bearish Shift Aims for 1.3400 and 1.3375 Targets

EURUSD overshoot threat is to 1.3295 We stated in our last client report that “whilst minimally below 1.3490/95, we see negative pressures intact for still further erosion into latter July (and likely Friday)”  and ...

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GBPUSD Risk of a Bearish Shift through 1.6952

GBPUSD top developing; threat of a more bearish bias We restate the view from our recent client reports that “whilst below 1.7152, we see a bias lower” and the push ...

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Weekly Forex Market Forecasts for (July 28th – August 1st)

Key Fundamental Forex Events and Forecasts for the Coming Week The following table lists the key economic data and other events that are due out during the week of July 2...